Reid and Clinton Democrat synchopants caught in voter fraud scandal

Comment: No surprise here. Democrats have been guilty of institutionalized voter fraud for decades. Party machines in big cities like NYC, Chicago, Boston, SF, democrat strongholds, are among cities that have been suspected of encouraging voter fraud. It has now been found out an Indiana group called ‘The Patriot Majority,’ ¬†linked to Bill Clinton and Harry Reid, has been found guilty of filing false voter registration forms.

The democrats, it would seem, are so scared of losing elections that fraud has become a way of life for the DNC. Apparently , one might assume, there are not enough illegal aliens, non-citizens, ineligible felons and dead people to fill out the democrats’ voter rolls….WFM

Group with Reid, Clinton Ties Accused of Faking

Voter Registration Forms….

Report aired on ‘Water’s World’ Fox News Channel, June 11, 207

A dozen employees of an organization tied to former Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and President Bill Clinton were charged with filing fake voter registration forms, Jesse Watters reported. Image result for small picture of bill clinton pinocchio nose

Indiana Voter Registration Project supervisor Holiday Burke and 11 temp workers were charged.

They are accused of submitting “an unknown number” of falsified or fraudulent voter registration applications prior to the 2016 election.

Bill Buck, a spokesman for the group’s parent organization, Patriot Majority, declined to comment to the AP.

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The incident began unraveling after an Indianapolis-area clerk found about a dozen forms to be “suspicious.”

The investigation soon spread to 56 counties, where the Democratic Party-aligned group collected about 45,000 applications for the presidential election.

The twelve suspects face up to two-and-a-half years in prison if convicted.




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