Poland refuses EU agenda of cultural suicide – Death by Politcal Correctness

Comment: The EU is the cornerstone of the globalist ‘new world order.’ The EU was designed by those whose interests diametrically opposed to nation states with borders, ie, those having singular nationalist governments.

Poland essentially has become a ‘rogue’ nation in the eyes of the EU, not agreeing to participate in the EU agenda of cultural suicide through mass immigration of Muslim refugees.

The EU goal then is to eliminate then absorb the remnants of once independent nations. They are the manifest dream of the old Soviet Comintern. The ‘new world order’ global agenda is designed to crush and eliminate individual thought and freedom, finally evolving into a perfect radical socialist world government….WFM

Poland’s Prime Minister says country will accept no refugees as EU threatens legal action over quotas….

By Lizzie Dearden, Independant.co. uk – online, May 17, 2017

Poland’s Prime Minister has claimed the country “cannot accept refugees” as the EU threatens legal action against nations failing to comply with quotas.

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Alongside Hungary and Austria, it is one of only three countries not to have relocated a single refugee, “in breach of their legal obligations” and commitments.

“This cannot be the responsibility of just a few member states – this must be shared be all,” said Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Commissioner for migration.

But Prime Minister Beata Szydło told a press conference there had been no formal agreement to compulsory quotas, which Hungary and Poland voted against.

“A critical attitude towards the mechanism of migrant relocation is becoming increasingly widespread in the European Union,” she claimed, according to a translation by state broadcaster Poland Radio.

“Poland cannot accept refugees.”

Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/poland-no-refugees-eu-legal-action-infringement-quotas-resettlement-beata-szydlo-commission-a7741236.html


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