Hillary Clinton, Sadiq Kahn and 2020

(Repost from June, 2017)

Comment: Let’s start with a ho-hum, because Hillary is one of the most banal female politicians in the U.S., Elizabeth Warren not withstanding. This of course leads us to the conclusion that those who vote for leftist fem politicians are themselves banal,  seemingly unable to critically analyze when they’re being played. The Indians, (India), have a word ‘faike’ which translates into English as ‘fake, ie faker.’ This term then an apt description of not just Hillary, but all banal left liberal politicians. But I digress.

Hillary in an interview yesterday, without referencing President Trump, said “We need to be building bridges instead of destroying them,” (reference the feud between the President and London’s jihad Mayor Sadiq Kahn).

This interview might well be, La madame de la résistance’s, coming out party in what appears to be another run in the 2020 presidential election. My advice to all, order your hip boots now, there’s an awful lot of bullshit coming down the pike. Moving on….

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Sadiq, anything but a good ole’ boy, despite protestations otherwise, seems remarkably reserved in his statements regarding Islamic terrorists, never referring to the terrorists ideology as “radical Islamic terrorism”. His statement following the London Bridge terrorist attack this past weekend, “There was no reason for alarm,” seeming puts doubt he has any real concern regarding Islamic terrorism.

Summary: It would now seem, at least in my opion, that the UK is well on it’s way tobecoming the first western caliphate. We’ll know if this downhill slide is real or not should Britain ever elect a Muslim Prime Minister. Just my opinion….WM

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