Climate Change blackmail by third world sh*t holes

Comment: First, this is a scam to begin with. Second any money given to these third world cess pools would be going into the pockets of corrupt dictators and politicians – that after they’ve paid a ‘kick back’ to the funding agencies. If anyone thinks that is not what will happen they are either stupid or delusional – that is the modus operandi of the UN, trans-national banks and other entities who dole out ‘our’ tax money to these human garbage pits….WM

Developing nations in Paris climate accord threaten to keep polluting unless they’re paid

– The Washington Times – Monday, June 5, 2017

Yemen has promised a whopping 1 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions as part of the global Paris climate agreement.

North Korea, meanwhile, has said its pollution will double by 2030 compared with 2000 levels….unless….the rest of the world writes a sizable check. Otherwise, its emissions will rise even further.

Image result for pictures of third world garbage pit burning

Peru says it can cut emissions by 30 percent by 2030 compared with its “business as usual” projections, though that would be a net pollution increase of 22 percent and is contingent on billions of dollars in funding.

India, Iran, South Sudan, Niger, the Central African Republic, Cuba, Egypt, Paraguay and a host of other countries have similar demands: Pay up, or else they will have to keep polluting.

When President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord last week, his critics — including former President Barack Obama — said he was turning his back on the future and joining only Syria and Nicaragua in refusing to take part.

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  1. Pmac says:

    let the bastards rot….

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