Politcal Correctness the Insurgency within

Political correctness denies one of the basic elements of human nature, the right to be heard and freely express opinion. We need to look at the genesis of political correctness.

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The need to control individual narratives which go against those who disagree has been a hall-mark of the left and their weak kneed liberal stooges. Political correctness in its true form is oppression of those able to critically evaluate the world around them. Thus it is an easy correlation of political correctness to be labeled as an insurgency – an insurgency that denies the freedoms men and women have died to protect.┬áThis morning a Facebook post, I will not name the troll, railed against my article from yesterday, ‘Political correctness and Jihad,‘ which compared political correctness and jihad. She, the troll, said Zuckerberg needs to remove posts like mine. The trolls response to my article reinforces my argument that political correctness is a tool of oppression, an insurgency against all we stand for, free speech….WFM

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2 Responses to Politcal Correctness the Insurgency within

  1. Hot Chocolate says:

    would thatwe suffer Karl Marx’s children. Left liberal stooges are like that piece toilet paper stuck on the heel of a shoe, you only notice it because there seems to be a foul odor following you around

  2. petermc3 says:

    Trolls, the other white meat.

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