Terrorism the Left-Liberal Mainstream Media and the Globalist agenda

Yesterday’s terror attack in London is part of the continuing threat of radical Islamist terrorism. Immediately following, the  ‘mainstream media’ here and abroad began their lead pieces with,’was this an organized terror attack,’ were these ‘lone wolves,’ were they connected to ‘ISIS?’

The media using a ‘speculative’ approach, part of its protocol of not wanting to ‘offend’ Muslims,  rather than calling the attack for what it is was,  instead adds to the chaos. This approach adds, rather than addresses the true nature of this attack. The media then becomes a willing partner of the radical Islamists agenda by adding to the chaos and confusion.

Image result for picture of carnage after bomb attack

This is the same media continually questioning the President’s agenda to use ‘extreme vetting’ of those seeking to come into our country from areas where radical terrorists control the narrative. Now the question, why?

We might look at the media’s agenda of exploiting the adage, ‘if it bleeds it leads,’ the main vehicle the media uses to drive their profits. With that said, is there more than a profit motive involved? How about a larger conspiracy?

We know the mainstream media is owned and controlled by a cabal of globalist elites.  These players cannot be pigeon-hold as being socialists or right-wing reactionaries. Their ultimate agenda is establishment of a ‘one world’ order where nationalist entities such as the U.S. and world at large are eliminated.

Frontmen for the globalist cabal, like George Soros and others, are the main forces driving dissension, division and chaos calculated to question the authority of national entities over their own constituent populations. When the  confusion reaches a boiling point war becomes the inevitable outcome. The solution then, according to the globalist theorists, will be a one world government that will provide a one source solution to finally stopping international strife and warfare.

I offer that the true agenda is domination by an elitist class having complete control over the global population, giving those elites involved complete power and control of their fellow human beings to the detriment of individual freedom. The old adage,,’evil walks the earth,’ becomes a reality under the one world globalist order….WFM




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2 Responses to Terrorism the Left-Liberal Mainstream Media and the Globalist agenda

  1. Hot Chocolate says:

    Who’s next? The mainstream media will focus on Islamophobia as a cause of radical Islamist terror, they are the radical Islamist’s willing partner in crime.

  2. Petermc3 says:

    The Btits, with their open door policy of allowing the scum of the earth to migrate unencumbered, live off the welfare state, destroy GB’s culture and now blow up people, must be giddy with joy knowing that they are on their way to equaling France’s dead, injured and maimed at the hands of their soon to be majority Muslims peeps. The race is on with froggies to see which country can be flushed down the toilet first by those who don’t know how to use the loo or its toilet paper. Now there’s some irony for ya!

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