Politcal Correctness and Jihad

My assertion that political correctness gives aid and comfort to jihad is easily provable. Consider the constant bashing of President Trump’s agenda to vet refugees fleeing the war-torn areas in the Middle East.

President Trump, thwarted at every turn by a corrupt partisan judiciary allied with the DNC,  are more interested in the DNC’s political future than the safety of the American people.

Political correctness is used by the left liberal democrats and their mainstream media propagandists so as to not ‘offend’ any constituency, ie, Muslims in particular.

Image result for picture of an islamist terrorist

NYC, L.A., SF, Portland and other left liberal strongholds do not represent the majority of Americans. Left liberal democrats, their media propagandists might, (though highly unlikely), consider that their beliefs in fact engender future terrorist attacks by lowering the guard of those who falsely believe ‘being non-offensive” to our enemies may somehow convince them that we are not a threat to them or their offensive ideology.

It would appear that an Islamic caliphate might be a ‘romantic’ adventure to the leftist hipsters until the LGBTQ, transgender, non-binary, (still don’t know who they are), communities, liberal Jews and ‘snowflakes,’ among others, will be dumped into the garbage heap of a revisionist history to ‘cleanse’ the caliphate. Political correctness will never be heard from again….WFM


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One Response to Politcal Correctness and Jihad

  1. Leon O'Brien - Australia says:

    PC = Cultural Marxism. They believe that people are “infinitely plastic, blank slates, that are made by society”. If they were to admit that PC is wrong, they would have to admit that the central tenets of socialism are indeed wrong. If they allowed a deviation from the “party line” on PC, and the government instruments and censorship, it has spawned, they would also have to forgo their tools for implementing, indoctrinating & enforcing socialism. PC is simply the gag, that the socialists use to silence opponents of their insinuation of a socialist state, by stealth. The cultural Marxists, have sought to erode our western liberal democracies, by using multiculturalism, as a divide and rule along with cultural fragmentation and dilution tool, they have taken over the education system 8 out of 10 Academics are leftoids now. They continually create social problems, and also seek to use identity politics to further divide, and diminish our common culture, goals and purpose, whilst simultaneously running an ongoing campaign of delegitimisation of our western societies. To simply focus on PC, and it’s constraints on freedom, is to miss the bigger picture of the deliberate destruction of our individual national cultures, societies, shared values, common goals, and the insinuation of a socialist state by stealth. Socialism must be eradicated on all of those fronts, hitting PC alone will do nought.

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