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Bernie-Gate A study in financial fruad

Comment: Here we go again – another scandal. I was musing that if the left liberal democrats, faux socialists and antifa fell off the earth what would we have to talk about? As an aside  I think Bernie didn’t play … Continue reading

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Congressmen threatening General Kelly over immigration enforcement

Comment: General Kelly didn’t name the pip-squeeks who threatened him and ICE agents with reprisal if he went ahead with the Presidents new policy on detaining and deporting illegal aliens. With that said it wouldn’t be hard to figure out … Continue reading

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Trump calls out Mika Brzezinski

Comment: Trump has been the butt of Mika Brzezinski’s vile, vitriolic comment for months. In a tweet, which I found funny, he returned the favor.  The leftstream media is all agog with anger and frustration with Trump. Brzezinski should’ve know better … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn – Tucker Carlson

Comment: Most of you know Mark Steyn, for those that don’t, he’s a witty Canadian conservative who appears on ‘Steyn on Fox.’  The following article’s worth reading – enjoy….WFM Tickle Me Acosta by Mark Steyn, Steyn on Fox, June 29, 2017 … Continue reading

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Suan Rice just another cheap liberal elite race-baitor

Opinion: Susan Rice is a joke. She, like most of her political ilk, feels the color of her skin exempts her from even the suggestion of being  investigated for misconduct, malfeasnce, tax evasion or outright criminality. It’s time someone inform … Continue reading

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Trump Continues to Blast ‘Fake News’ Media

Comment: You’ll note the ‘never Trumpers,’ on both sides of the aisle, continually criticize President Trump’s use of twitter as well as his making public announcements when needed. The mainstream media is awash in ‘fake news’ virtually all of which is … Continue reading

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Student who registered dead people for Democrats headed to prison

Comment: Fancy that. This idiot thought he would be rewarded by the democrats for doing his part in the democrats voter registration campaign for Hillary – he thought wrong.  Meanwhile those DNC officials who probably cheered this guy on, are … Continue reading

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Obama missed chance to get ISIS leader Baghdadi

Comment: To be fair Obama’s not the first president to screw the poach when it came to killing a terrorist.  Bill Clinton, by his own admission, in a LA Times interview said: : “I could have killed’ Osama bin Laden … Continue reading

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Former Sheriff Arpaio charged with misdemeanor contempt of court

Comment: Someone tell me how Sheriff Arpio can be accused of racial profiling when everyone he arrested was hispanic? The people behind this are, aside from the leftist liberal water walkers, is the ‘Reconquista movement.’ The parent group of the … Continue reading

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Liberal moviemaker Rob Reiner: ‘Fight to save Democracy’ from Trump ‘now an all out war’

Comments: How much can you really say about this fat leftist jerk? The idea that a fart-bag like Reiner issues a call to arms is a joke in itself.  It’s amazing that these anti-war lizards like Reiner, too chickenshit to … Continue reading

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